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Municipal Court

815 Wheeler Avenue Huntsville, AL 35801 (256) 427-7810
Welcome to The City of Huntsville Municipal Court Website.

Our goal is to effectively and efficiently serve the citizens of Huntsville by the timely and expeditious resolution of cases brought before the Court by municipal departments and citizens. To provide information as needed or as required; and to provide the highest quality traffic safety education.

The Huntsville Municipal Court has jurisdiction and responsibility for motor vehicle and traffic violations, criminal misdemeanors, municipal ordinance violations, enforcement or regulation violations under the City Ordinances. The jurisdiction of the Huntsville Municipal Court extends to offenses committed within the city limits.

Charles "Sonny" Rodenhauser, Presiding Judge
Sybil Cleveland, Judge
Scott Rogers, Judge, Night Court; Conducted Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM.
Lisa Shockley, Clerk of the Court

The Municipal Court Administrative Office is located at 815 Wheeler Avenue. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Telephone inquires can be made by calling (256) 427-7800.

The Municipal Court supervises Probation, Electronic Monitoring, Work Furlough, and Community Service Division which can be reached by telephone at (256) 427-7814. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Payments may be made by cash, cashier checks or money orders. Telephone inquires may be made by calling (256) 427-7809.

Citation (Traffic, Parking and other violations)
Traffic/Parking tickets may be paid at the front cashier window between the hours of 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday or via internet. All payable tickets can be paid in person or by mail. Cash, money orders, certified checks, traveler's checks and personal checks (no starter checks) are acceptable methods of payment. You may download a listing of fines and court costs in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat (download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print this file). For all other citations and more information call (256) 427-7800.

Safety City
Mission of Safety City
To educate, facilitate, and coordinate bicycle, pedestrian, traffic, fire, and child passenger safety to children and adults in the Huntsville community.

Each year thousands of children across America are injured in traffic related accidents. Many of these accidents are due to the children's lack of knowledge of what is required of them in a traffic environment. In order to reduce the number of injuries the City of Huntsville in cooperation wit the 3 school districts located in Madison County have developed and continue to provide ongoing support to the nationally acclaimed Safety City program. The Safety City program was developed for elementary age school children, primarily those in K-5th grade. Safety City specifically provides K and third grade students a safe environment for applying the lessons of bicycle, pedestrian, child passenger, and general traffic safety that they have learned in the classroom. Safety City is a child sized city of buildings, streets, crosswalks, working traffic lights, sidewalks and a fire safety house that provides a simulated experience of how to escape a smoke filled building.

Summer Preschool Program-Safety City Instructors go to preschools in the Huntsville and surrounding areas during June and July and present approximately a 30 min. program to 4 and 5 year olds. 3rd Grade Program-3rd students from all city and county schools come 1 time in the 3rd grade and learn traffic, bike, pedestrian, bus, and fire safety. Kindergarten Program-During January and February our instructors go to the schools to present approximately a 30 min. program to kindergarteners about seatbelt safety. Fire Safety Program-Our fire safety program lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted on site. The children then practice the rules of fire safety by going inside our "smoke house" and escaping. Bicycle Safety Program-This is a 30 min. program held on site at Safety City where children come by schedule groups only and watch a short film and we go over bicycle safety rules and then the children actually get to ride bikes and practice on hand. We DO NOT teach children to ride bikes, they must know how to hold the bike up on their own, however we do teach them the safe riding rules.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Safety City?
Safety City coordinates various public awareness and information education programs aimed at reducing the number of traffic related death and injuries in the local area. This office serves as the headquarters for the Huntsville Office of Highway Safety and as a resource center for citizens of Huntsville.
2. Where are you located?
2221 Drake Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35805 Phone number (256)883-3724.
3. What are your hours of operation?
Business hours are 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
4. How much does it cost to participate in Safety City activities?
There is NO cost for Safety City!
5. What exactly do you teach children at Safety City?
We teach Traffic, Bike, Pedestrian, Bus, and Fire Safety.
6. What age does a child need to be to participate in Safety City programs?
During the school year, Safety City offers a program geared towards 3rd grade students to come to Safety City. During the colder months, we like to call "off-season" we go to City and surrounding counties to do programs for Kindergarteners.
7. What other services does Safety City offer?
Child Safety checks are conducted in the afternoon by appointment. In addition, we host an information and referral resource center for traffic safety.

Highway Safety Office
The Huntsville Office of Highway Safety coordinates public awareness, information and education programs aimed at reducing the number of traffic related death and injuries in the local area.The office also serves as a Traffic Safety Resource Center for the citizens of Huntsville. The office is funded in part through a grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA). Business hours are 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please call (256)883-3724 for telephone inquiries.

Education Programs
Defensive Driving School
Huntsville Municipal Court is also a training agency for the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Courses. All DDC instructors must be trained in an approved Instructor Development Course registered with the National Safety Council. The goal of the program is to prevent traffic crashes and violations and to reduce fatalities, injuries and costs to society. This is accomplished through providing knowledge and techniques to avoid traffic crashes. Also, to influence and challenge participants to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes so that they will choose to drive safely, courteously and responsibly. You may attend a defensive driving program if you have received a traffic citation or as a volunteer. If you are attending for a traffic citation we determine the level of school you are to attend by your driving record. We offer the DDC-4, DDC-8, Alive at 25 and the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving. The class fee can range from $25.00 up to $100.00 depending on the level of class you are to attend, in addition to your court cost fee. If you are attending as a volunteer student or senior citizen, the fee for the class will be $13.00. This is an award-winning program, which has received many nationally recognized awards and accreditations certificates.

Highway Intoxication Seminars
Court Referral Education Programs were established in the State of Alabama in 1973. These agencies were developed to provide education to defendants with alcohol and/or other drug offenses. These programs are to reduce crime committed by offenders under the influence of alcohol or other drugs of abuse by offering them the information necessary to affect a positive change in their behavior. The Huntsville Municipal Court Highway Intoxication Seminar offers the Level I, Level II and Youth and Juvenile Education Programs as recommended by the Administrative Office of Courts. The fee for the Level I program is $115.00, Level II program is $250.00 and the Youth and Juvenile Educational program is $115.00. Policy requires a mandatory fee payment prior to issuing a schedule for class. The Level I program is a twelve (12) hour program, the Level II program is a twenty-four (24) hour program, and the Youth and Juvenile Education program is a twelve (12) hour program. We schedule two classes per week for either two weeks or four weeks depending on the class level. The Highway Intoxication Seminar serves Huntsville Municipal Court, three (3) Madison District Courts, five (5) Circuit Courts, and the cities of Gurley, New Hope, Owens Cross Roads, Triana, and Madison. Additionally, the Federal Court and all other referrals brought to this seminar.

In Huntsville Municipal Court, the defendant once assessed and sentenced will immediately be referred to one of the levels of the Highway Intoxication Seminar as part of the court process. Outside defendants must have a referral from their agency before registering for the Court Referral Program.

Kid's Court
Kid's Court began in 2000 as an educational program for the Huntsville City Schools 4th graders. All 4th grade students from city schools attend a one (1) hour program to learn about the court system and probation. The children perform a mock trial where students will role play the following duties: Defense Attorney, Defendant, Prosecuting Attorney, Judge, Bailiff, and all remaining students will be jurors. This is a very popular program with the children.

City Magistrates
The Municipal Court Magistrate's office is the initial intake source for all misdemeanor complaints, which are prosecuted in the Municipal Court. The magistrates division provides services to the public and law enforcement for the issuance of misdemeanor warrants and processes. They also provide bail information regarding arrests of a person charged with a misdemeanor offense in the Huntsville Municipal Court. For the purpose of setting and receiving bail, the magistrate's office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normal business hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Warrant interviews by appointment (256) 427-7861 or after normal business hours call (256) 427-7817.
Inquiries regarding bail may be made by calling (256) 427-7817.
Inquires regarding whether outstanding warrants exist call Huntsville Police Department (256) 427-7088.
Bail may be posted in one of three ways (as long as a failure to appear in court is not involved):
1. Cash of certified funds (no credit cards)
2. The use of a professional bonding company
3. Property (real estate located in Alabama) used as assurance that a defendant will appear in court.

Those individuals charged with felony offenses or arrested by outside agencies- Madison, Gurley, New Hope or Triana Police Departments- should direct bail inquiries to those agencies.