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What do I do if I’ve lost my pet?
The first thing to do is CHECK THE SHELTER! We hold all strays for 5 business days, so there is no time to delay! We house for the City of Huntsville as well as for the County of Madison. Check the shelter every 2-3 days & fill out a “Lost” form while you’re there.

Anything else?
Yes, there are many more things to do:

  • Check your neighborhood, talk to neighbors and children. Ask if anyone’s seen your pet.
  • Put up “Lost” posters, include a current photo. Place around your neighborhood, local stores, and vet clinics.
  • Check local newspapers’ classified ads for “found” pets, place a “lost” ad with the paper.
  • Check other area shelters and rescue groups, including Madison City Animal Control, Greater Huntsville Humane Society, and The Ark. Place flyers and lost forms at each location.

    What if I’ve found a pet?
    If you’ve found a pet, and want to try to find the owner, do many of the same things as listed above. If the animal has tags, contact Huntsville Animal Services and see if the owner can be located in the database via the tag number. Please be sure to note if it is a City License Tag, or a Rabies Tag.
  • Contact the shelter and file a “found” report. See if a “lost” report has been filed.
  • Check your neighborhood, talk to children and neighbors, and see if they know where this pet belongs.
  • Put up Found posters. Place around your neighborhood, stores, and vet clinics. Be sure to leave out one specific identifying mark about the animal so the true owners can identify the pet.
  • Check the newspapers lost pet ads. Place a found pet ad. Many newspapers will offer free “found” ads. Contact other local animal shelters and rescue groups advising you found this pet. They can notify anyone looking for a lost pet of your information.

    What To Do If You Find A Dog



    All confined dogs & cats are held for five business days to allow the owner to reclaim them. Huntsville Animal Services Shelter houses stray and lost animals for the City of Huntsville and the County of Madison. The City of Madison has it’s own Animal Control.

    $50 1st offense
    $75 2nd offense and optional sterilization
    $100 3rd offense and mandatory sterilization

    Kennel Stay $9/day (or any part of a day)

    Rabies voucher* $10
    City License* Altered "Fixed" Animal Annual $10
    Altered "Fixed" Animal Lifetime $35
    Intact Animal Annual $50
    Replacement Tag $2 (if necessary)
    *Only charged if owner does not have proof of current vaccination & license.

    Failure to reclaim your pet may lead to persons being charged with abandonment.

    Huntsville Animal Services makes every effort to contact owners when an animal comes into the shelter with tags on.

    Please review the current tags on your pet and make sure all the information is correct. Huntsville Animal Services averages 150 animals brought into the shelter each week.

    PLEASE, if you are missing a pet,
    come to the shelter as soon as possible to see if we have your pet. Continue checking the shelter every 2-3 days.


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