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Operation Green Team - Neighborhood Pride

Want Your Neighborhood Cleaner? A Little Greener?

Be part of our expanding Neighborhood Pride Program and make a difference. Residents take pride in their surroundings by committing to keeping it Clean and Green in the following ways:

  • Sponsoring Litter Pick-ups
  • Adopting Beauty Spots
  • Planting Flowers or Shrubbery
  • Eliminating Eyesores

    In return for your commitment, the city will provide:
  • Street Sweeping
  • Ditch Maintenance
  • Bulky Waste Removal
  • Curb Dressing
  • And Much More

Nineteen Residents Tidy Up the Streets of Five Points

Neighborhood Pride encourages residents to take pride in their surroundings by committing to keeping it Clean and Green! We believe if we involve people "where they live" it will make a difference.

The Neighborhood Pride program partners Operation Green Team staff with individuals and neighborhood associations to design a clean-up and landscape improvement program unique to their community. Neighbors come together to improve the landscape in their community by sponsoring litter pick-ups, adopting and maintaining beauty spots, planting flowers or shrubbery, and eliminating eyesores. In return, Operation Green Team will work with city departments to provide services such as curb dressing, street sweeping and much more.

To find out more about Neighborhood Pride, please give us a call at 53-CLEAN or send us an email.

Landscape Management & Operation Green Team Director Joy McKee, Frances Rice and Councilman Mark Russell get a close look at the sign after its unveiling at the Rice Park dedication.

Litter Reduction in Five Points ---- Regular cleanups are making a difference. 22 volunteers gave a Saturday picking up litter area and noticed a reduction in the amount collected from previous cleanups.

The home-schooled Beta Club group, along with some of their parents and Operation Green Team recently cleaned up the Aldridge Creek from the Challenger School footbridge crossing to the railroad crossing (near Ditto Landing). This effort focused on 4 major litter “debris fields” in the creek. Volunteers were transported to each debris field by a City of Huntsville one-ton truck. They collected 1125 plastic bottles and 196 aluminum cans. The bottles and cans will be taken to Allied Waste Industries’ recyclery on A Cleaner Way to be recycled. In addition to the many bottles and cans picked up were 2 chairs, 1 crutch, a bunch of balls (tennis, baseball, beach, etc.) and other types of litter.





Spring City Cycling Club - March Litter Patrol Report
The Spring City Cycling Club’s (SCCC) March Litter Patrol reported for duty Saturday morning, March 29, 2008. Dawn Creed, Michele Eccleston, Boris Kunin, Pam Maples, Claire Robinson, Steve Robinson, Karen Tracy Thornton, Reed Thornton and Anita Tygart spent 2 hours picking up litter scattered along the one- mile stretch of Cecil Ashburn, the club’s adopted mile. Ernie Thomas and Susan Thomas picked up on both sides of the road from the parking lot down to the SCCC marker on the west side on Friday evening. These pickups prior to arrival on Saturday made our job on Saturday easier, but there was still plenty for us to do. They collected 8 full bags and 7 partially filled bags of trash.


These are items the group reported finding--- I like the $1 bill found by Reed Thornton (photo is attached).
3 hub caps, Christmas ornaments, a large cardboard box, a bar stool, shredded rubber from tires, shattered glass, plastic containers, beer bottles, beer cans, soda cans, metal pipes, $1 bill



Morningside Homeowners Association
Grady and Martha Edwards, the Edwards are members of the Morningside Homeowners Association which participates in Operation Green Team’s Adopt-A-Mile Program. The association has adopted a mile of Bailey Cove road from McGucken Park to Green Cove Road. The Edwards also pick up litter along the Aldridge Creek greenway. WAAY To Go Green!

Earth Day with the Master Gardeners of North Alabama
On Earth Day, the Master Gardeners of North Alabama volunteers led by Project Leader Al Hess planted the traffic triangles located at the intersection of Williams Ave and Lowe Street. Since 1995, the Master Gardeners have kept this downtown intersection beautiful throughout the years planting spring and fall color designs. This project is part of the Adopt-A-Spot program of the City of Huntsville’s Operation Green Team. Bennett Nursery provides the flowers for both triangles and the Master Gardeners plant and maintain the landscapes. The volunteers also provide litter control in this intersection. A & A Sprinkler Systems installed the irrigation system for the landscapes. All three organizations have a sign located in the intersection recognizing their commitment to this beautification project. The Master Gardeners of North Alabama is the largest Master Gardener association in Alabama.




MGNA Adopt-A-Spot
The Master Gardeners of North Alabama (MGNA), a non-profit group maintains the triangles and median at the corner of Williams Ave and Church Street. This is an Adopt-A-Spot program sponsored by the City of Huntsville. This is a joint relationship between MGNA, Bennett Nurseries, A&A Irrigation and the City of Huntsville Landscaping Dept. The MGNA volunteers plant seasonal color beds in 2 traffic triangles and the center median. They also pick up litter and weed the beds throughout the year. The seasonal beds are planted in the spring (prior to Panoply) and in the fall (after Big Spring Jam). This Adopt-A-Spot project was established in 1995. The MGNA is the largest Master Gardener association in the state of Alabama.



Aldridge Creek Cleanup
On Friday morning, March 28th, the Wayhome Christian Beta Club, a home-schooled group cleaned up portions of Aldridge Creek and adjoining greenway. This group of over 20 volunteers led by Beth Andrew spent the morning removing all types of debris from the creek. Wearing chest waders and using litter pick up sticks, the volunteers found an assortment of objects including a tire rim, traffic cones, chair, a large piece of foam and a sign. The volunteers gathered 540 plastic bottles and 620 aluminum cans. Operation Green Team (OGT) provided the volunteers with trash bags, litter pick up sticks, waders, gloves, and bottled water. The group was later treated with lunch at a pavilion located in McGucken Park. During lunch, Dee Hill of OGT spoke to the volunteers about City of Huntsville Operation Green Team’s activities. This is the second time that the Beta Club has cleaned up the greenway. Operation Green Team appreciates the dedication of the volunteers in keeping this area clean. OGT also thanks the supporting parents who also helped out in this event. WAAY To Go Green!










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