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City of Huntsville, AL
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Katrina Disaster Relief - City of Huntsville

North Alabama Responds
The people of Huntsville and Madison County join the State and Nation in matching the needs of evacuees to sources where their needs can be met.

Their needs include:
  • Temporary shelter
  • Long-term housing
  • Reunification with family
  • Access to the internet
  • Health and Medical needs
  • Registering children in schools/colleges
  • Employment/Income replacement or supplement
  • Donation and Volunteer Information
  • Means to obtain food, clothing and other essentials

    Disaster Recovery Info Numbers and Websites: [MORE INFO]

    Information for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees from
    AL Department of Human Resources: [MORE INFO]

  • Disaster Recovery Information Numbers and Websites:

      FEMA Information
    • Storm victims can call the FEMA tele-registration line to apply for assistance at 800-621-3362 or 800-525-0321 and for the speech and hearing impaired at 800-462-7585. They may register online at www.fema.gov and follow the links for registration.

    • Individuals who would like to donate time, equipment, etc. from any state may call Volunteer FEMA at 800-440-6728. They may also visit online www.fema.gov and follow the links for donating.

    • Contractors wanting to work should call FEMA, Ben Turner at 800-511-6027 or fax resume to 770-220-5359 or visit www.fema.gov for more information.

      FEMA/STATE News Releases
    • Displaced Persons Information Form
    • Immediate Housing Availability

      Shelter Information
    • Red Cross Shelter information 866-438-4636. The Red Cross Chapter in Huntsville and Marshall Counties may be reached at 536-0084.

      Medical/Health Information
    • Alabama Immunization Services
      Evacuees in need of obtaining immunization histories on themselves or their children may call the Immunization Division, ImmPRINT staff, at 1-800-469-4599 or fax 1-800-706-8507. In addition, all county health departments can assess evacuees' immunization needs and immunize or refer them to the appropriate provider in the area.

      For a student entering into the public school system, an Alabama Certificate of Immunization may be issued with an expiration date of May 2006. Day care centers and head start attendees may be given an expiration date of 60 days. After sixty days, children will need to be vaccinated according to age and the current immunization schedule. Parental recall may be utilized to determine previous vaccinations.

    • ALL KIDS Services - State of Alabama
      The ALL Kids Children's Health Insurance Program has implemented a new expedited procedure for handling enrollment for uninsured child and teen evacuees, through age eighteen. The plan includes a shortened (2-page) enrollment form which is a joint application with Alabama Medicaid. ALL Kids staff are working throughout the state to distribute the applications to potential enrollees. For more information, please call 1-888-373-5437, or www.adph.org/allkids.

    • Environmental Health Services - State of Alabama
      Environmentalists are assessing overall sanitary conditions in shelters and communities to ensure safe conditions for the evacuees. Restaurant inspections are also being performed to ensure conditions are safe to reopen restaurants in affected areas. To prevent mosquito-borne diseases, protective measures to include personal repellant and larvicide pellets/donuts are being provided. When appropriate, aerial spraying is being provided.

    • Family Planning Services - Alabama Department of Public Health
      For individuals who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and are in need of family planning services, they may call 800-545-1098 or visit a local health department clinic.

      The Family Planning Program has services available for all women and men of childbearing age in local county health clinics throughout the state. Family Planning services are available free of charge to evacuees through November 30, 2005. Evacuees in need to contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy will be provided a maximum of three months' supply (such as pills, patch, condoms or injection) without a full physical exam.

      If there are individuals who plan to remain in Alabama permanently or for an extended period of time, they may qualify for free birth control services through Alabama's Family Planning Medicaid Waiver Plan First. Plan First is for women between the ages of 19 and 44 who meet certain income requirements. The toll free number is 1-888-737-2083.

    • Mental Health Crisis Services for Hurricane Evacuees - More Info - [Support Group: More Info]

    • If you or anyone you know has been affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster and are in need of family planning services, please call 800-545-1098 or visit a local health department clinic - [MORE INFO]

      UAB Huntsville Regional Medical Campus will open its doors to any Hurricane Katrina evacuee who would like to see a primary care physician on Saturday, Sept. 24, from 9-11 a.m. at 301 Governors Drive S.W. Health care professionals at the clinic will be able to assist with chronic and acute health issues, as well as assistance in referrals to other health care professionals in the Huntsville area.

      If evacuees have access to any medical records, it will lessen the time required to get help. We strongly encourage patients to make an appointment. Appointments may be made by calling 256-551-4689.

    • The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services has established a toll-free telephone number (800-441-7607) to assist hurricane evacuees who have relocated to Alabama and have disabilities and evacuees who have a child or other family member with a disability. [MORE INFO]

    • Hurricane Katrina Resources for Cancer Patients [MORE INFO]

    • Angel Flight Southeast
      A non-profit volunteer pilot organization that uses the resources of private aircraft and their pilots to fly medical patients and those seeking compassionate care to where the need to go free of charge. We typically transport cancer patients, spousal abuse victims, clinical trial patients, etc.

      If you know of a family that needs transportation, they can call 800-352-4256 for a flight or also 256-658-7101 (if the 800# lines are busy). If people would like to donate items to be air-lifted to the effected areas, they can take them to Signature Flight Support at the Huntsville International Airport (2000 Houston Goodson Way) - or call 256-479-0091 for pickup.

      Local and National Housing
    • Housing for elderly residents
      Russel Erskine Apartments is a 69 unit elderly complex located in a historic hotel in downtown Huntsville. The property is undergoing a major rehab with 4 completely renovated units available for occupancy by Sunday, September 25th, another 5 available within two to three weeks and approximately 15 more ready over the coming months. The rent, including utilities, is paid for the resident under a Section 8 contract with HUD, for qualified elderly persons (age 62 or older). For further information, elderly persons can contact Tracy Darling at (256) 539-5668.

    • The Volunteer Center has joined with openyourhome.com to be the Alabama site coordinator for Katrina evacuees in need of housing. Both evacuees and host families can complete a simple application and release form to begin the matching process. Forms are available on the www.volunteerhsv.org website, The Volunteer Center and The American Red Cross Service Center at 600 Governors Drive. The VC has also distributed forms to local hotels where evacuees are staying. The Volunteer Center has access to a secured list of homes and apartments available locally and nationally to support evacuees who want to relocate at no charge. The Volunteer Center has a list of housing needs as well as host families and vacant homes/apartments available for use locally and nationally. For example, an apartment owner in North Carolina has offered 59 (2) bedroom and 28 (1) bedroom apartments for evacuees wishing to relocate at no charge. FEMA is providing transportation by charter bus or plane. For homeowners wishing to host a family or evacuees needing homes, please check out our website at www.volunteerhsv.org or call The Volunteer Center at 539.7797.

    • Apartment Connections is a free service provided to help evacuees looking for an apartment in the Huntsville area. They can be reached at 652-9989 or Hsvaptconnect@aol.com

    • To list homes available for evacuees go to www.nola.com and then click on the Homes Available link.

      Benefits for Katrina's Unemployed - [more info]

      Jobs in Huntsville, AL
      Evacuees who are looking for a job can visit www.HuntsvilleAlabamaUSA.com and click on the link called "find a job." To post a job opening on this site, Chamber members should contact Judy Short to post their vacancies.

      Labor Exchange for Alabama Employers, Hurricane Victims and Evacuees: For hurricane evacuees to find work or for employers to find workers, contact the nearest Alabama Career Center or call toll-free (866) 767-8103. For the location of the nearest career center, call toll-free (877) US2-JOBS (877-872-5627) (877-889-5627 TTY). Encourage your local employers to register their permanent and temporary job openings at http://www.joblink.alabama.gov/.

      Filing of Unemployment Compensation and Disaster Unemployment
      Assistance Claims: Alabama residents as well as Mississippi and Louisiana evacuees in Alabama may file unemployment claims by calling the following toll-free numbers:
    • To file an unemployment claim: (866) 234-5382
    • For inquiries/questions related to unemployment: (800) 361- 4524
    • For the hearing impaired: (800) 499-2035 Claimants are automatically registered with the Alabama State Employment Service when they file their unemployment claim and are not required to visit a career center to register for work.

      Temporary Jobs for Clean-up and Relief in Alabama Disaster Counties: Individuals who reside in those Alabama counties which have been declared disaster areas and who have lost their jobs due to Hurricane Katrina may be eligible to work in the clean-up and restoration of public areas or in relief shelters. Contact the nearest career center. For the location of the nearest career center, call tollfree (877) US2-JOBS (877-872-5627) (877-889-5627 TTY). Job seekers may also register for work at the job search website: http://www.joblink.alabama.gov/ Job Training for Evacuees: Job training for evacuees can be provided with a federal grant that has been secured from the U.S. Department of Labor by the Alabama Office of Workforce Development. The purpose of this grant is to provide short-term training for eligible evacuees who may need such training to work in one of Alabama's high-growth occupations. For more information, call toll-free (866) 767-8103.

      How You Can Help
    • Saturday, October 1, 2005 Richland Golf will be holding a community wide disaster relief effort at their facility. This event is open to any organization that is currently raising funds or other items for the disaster relief effort. Richland Golf is attempting to make a way for the entire community to rally together and have access to as many opportunities as possible to help the victims of Katrina.

      If your organization is currently doing food drives, water drives, clothes drives or any fundraising efforts and would like to have a display and visibility at this event, please contact Richland Golf at 858-6622 or go to the website at www.richlandgolf.com. There will also be donations accepted on behalf of the American Red Cross on that day. There will be family activities from mini golf to a moon bounce, to raise money for the victims. If you have any items or activities that you would like to make available for the fundraising effort, please call Richland Golf.

    • Labor of Love Benefit - [more info]

    • Individuals who want to volunteer or donate money, labor or services in Alabama may go online to www.servealabama.gov or call the Alabama Volunteer line at 877-273-5018.

    • Individuals who would like to donate time, equipment, etc. from any state may call Volunteer FEMA at 800-440-6728. They may also visit online www.fema.gov and follow the links for donating.

    • Another website to donate goods and services is the DHS National Emergency Response Registry that lists needed resources. What's Needed Most? Commercial Aircraft; Baby Food; Housing; Transportation & Emergency Supplies.

    • If additional information is needed call VOAD at

    • Southwood Presbyterian Church has opened a major collection and distribution center in the Publix Shopping Center at 4851 Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville, at Airport Road, between Publix and Movie Gallery. Individuals working there can use the assistance of anyone who has time to help. The center receive donations (list here) Mondays through Saturdays 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sundays 1 - 5 p.m. Trucks will be going continuously to the large, efficient and well-run center at Christ United Methodist Church in Jackson, Mississippi, where smaller trucks stand by to get the goods out to the areas in need. The need for volunteer workers and donations is great. All churches, businesses and groups are invited to join Southwood in this effort. All donations received will be for the Gulf Coast area; not for local distribution. Please help spread the word. This is an opportunity and challenge for all our area. Evacuees who are not yet working or who have any spare time and a wish to help, we welcome you!

      To volunteer and schedule a time to work, please call Bob Bradshaw, center director at 652-3778.

      Please note that no used clothing is to be donated at this facility. Clothing should go to the Whitesburg Baptist Church Clothes Closet or Asbury Thrift Store on Old Madison Pike in Madison. For general questions please e-mail Laura Patterson at 882-3085. [MORE INFO]

      Searching for Family Members
    • Individuals looking for family members can follow the links to search for family members. Individuals who do not have internet access or would like to check this list without a computer may call 877-568-3317.

    • Evacuees wishing to inform loved ones of their location or looking for their family members can register at or search http://www.katrinasafe.com/.

      Huntsville City Schools
    • Individuals looking to register children in the Huntsville City Schools 428-6800, -6890 or -6893

    • Enrollment in Community College: Mississippi and Louisiana residents who evacuated and were enrolled in a community college in their home state may enroll in a community college in Alabama for free. For information regarding enrollment in a community college, call (866) 767-8103 or in Montgomery call (334) 242-2900.

      Postal Service/Delivery
    • The US Postal Service is working to get checks, financial documents, medications and other vital items delivered to the people who need them. The normal 30-day limit on temporary change-of-address forwarding has been suspended for Katrina victims people. Changes can be filed at any local post office, by phone at 1-800-275-8777 or online at http://www.usps.com.

      Other Contact Information

    • Many Hurricane Katrina evacuees have lost all forms of personal identification during the evacuation, as such, the affected states have established the following procedures for obtaining duplicate driver licenses, state issued identifications and birth certificates. [more info]

      State WIC office number is 1-800-654-1385
      Main WIC office phone number is 256-533-0826
      Located at 405 Max Luther Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811
      This program provides supplemental foods for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, post partum, Infants and Children 1 to 5 years of age. Please note: Alabama WIC approved grocers may accept Louisiana food instruments through Sept 30. Louisiana and Mississippi WIC participants are eligible to transfer their WIC participation to Alabama if they plan to stay an extended period of time.

    • Birth Certificate Services
      For those evacuees needing a birth certificate from Alabama or Louisiana:
      Evacuees should go to any of the County Health Departments in Alabama (you must apply in person). Alabama - A certified copy of an Alabama birth certificate may be obtained in within 30 minutes from the County Health Department. You must be the individual or an IMMEDIATE family member in order to obtain a certified copy. Louisiana - You may complete an application for a Louisiana birth certificate at any Alabama county health department. Requests for Louisiana birth certificates will be forwarded immediately to the Louisiana Vital Records Office for processing. Due to the limited staff available in Louisiana, birth certificates may take up to a week to be sent to the applicant. Please note that Louisiana cannot currently process mail requests received from individuals.
      For those evacuees needing a birth certificate from Mississippi:
      Records may be obtained from Mississippi in one of the following ways:
      Credit Card Orders: phone 601.576.7988
      Website Orders: www.msdh.state.ms.us
      Talk with a Person: phone 601.576.7981
      Office Location 571 Stadium Drive
      Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1700

    • Directory of Local (Huntsville/Madison County) Services

    • Help getting replacement Louisiana Driver's Licenses - [more info]

    • Red Cross Service Update
      Thousands of people affected by the wrath of Hurricane Katrina are beginning to rebuild their lives, thanks in part to emergency financial assistance offered by the American Red Cross. Survivors are registering for aid by calling 1-800-975-7585, a 24-hour a day lifeline that quickly delivers emergency funds to them through a variety of innovative methods. Specially trained call agents are processing an average of 1000 calls an hour, and more agents are being added to the call center today.

      Alabama Disaster Assistance Hotline for Legal Services 800-354-6154
      All individuals seeking legal assistance are to call this number first. They are the receiving point to link disaster victims with legal representation and counseling.

    • Hurricane victims may deduct the losses on individual federal income tax returns. For more information please visit the IRS website.

    • The US Department of Labor announced a $75 Million National Emergency Grant to assist over 37, 500 Louisiana and Mississippi evacuees displaced by Hurricane Katrina. For information, visit www.dol.gov. Dislocated workers from the affected areas seeking assistance can also call 1-866-4-USA-DOL.

    • City of Huntsville - Animal Services 256.883.3782 can answer all general questions and house lost pets.
      Greater Huntsville Humane Society 256.881.8081
      Veterinarian care, please check the yellow pages call any veterinarian. They are willing and sensitive to meet your pet's needs, boarding, medications, examinations, and bathing.

    • JFO Main number is 334-270-7700 and JFO Public Affairs - 334-270-7735
    • Alabama Power Company Power Outages
    • Alabama Power Company Customer Service Center
    • Alabama Power Reservoir Information Hotline
    • Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives
    • Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
    • Alabama Attorney General Consumer Hotline
      800-392-5658 or 334-242-7334
    • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
    • Catholic Charities, USA
    • Road Conditions Information
    • Salvation Army
    • United Methodist Committee On Relief
    • Alabama Veterans Affairs Services

      As of: September 12, 2005 by State of Alabama - localized for Huntsville
    Hurricane Evacuee Computer Access
    The University of Alabama in Huntsville


    Salmon Library
    There are 250 computers available in the library and you will be directed to an open computer in library. The computer users must check in at the front desk for access and assistance. A card for printing up to $2.00 worth of documents will be provided free of charge.

    The hours are:
    Monday- Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight
    Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Sunday - 1:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

    Von Braun Research Hall Computer Lab M10
    There are 20 computers available 24 hours a day.
    Locator signs will be on the entrance with directions to the labs available.

    Directions to UAH from the East (Huntsville)
    Exit 15 at Sparkman Drive and turn right. UAH is at the bottom of the overpass. Please look for white and blue lawn signs placed along campus for directions to building locations.

    Directions to UAH from West (Madison)
    Use exit 15 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center; turn left at the second traffic signal onto Sparkman Drive. UAH is at the bottom of the overpass. Please look for white and blue lawn signs placed along campus for directions to building locations.

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    American Red Cross

    24 hour crisis line and referral 716-1000

    Volunteer Center
    Phone: 539-7797

    Food Bank
    Phone: 539-2256

    Huntsville City Schools
    428-6800, -6890 or -6893

    Huntsville Utilities
    Phone: 535-1200

    The Salvation Army
    Phone: 536-5576

    Huntsville Fire Dept - drop off points at Fire Stations or call 427-7401 8-5, M-F or 722-7120 after hours

    Veteran's Affairs

    UAH Computer Access
    Phone: 535-1200

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