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The Honor Guard’s primary functions are funeral services and posting of colors.  In funeral services, honor guard members are utilized in paying last respects to an individual who has served as a law enforcement officer.  Members stand guard over the fallen officer during the viewing ceremonies and conduct the flag folding ceremony at funerals to include a bag piper’s song tribute.  In the posting of colors, our color guard (which is made up of honor members) presents the colors (the American flag and Alabama flag) at certain ceremonies such as parades, academy graduations, city events, and sporting events to open or begin the ceremony.  Lastly, members of the Honor Guard are utilized as representatives of the department that are sent to other departments in the area that have officers killed in the line of duty.

In 2004, the Honor Guard came under new supervision.  Sgt. John Reed, after many dedicated faithful years of service, decided to step down when one of the members was promoted.  That member, Sgt. Thomas Presley, became the new Honor Guard Supervisor.  HPD Honor Guard and the Madison County Sheriff’s Honor Guard trained together on a new drill and ceremony for the Madison County fallen officers’ memorial in May of 04.  The new ceremony received outstanding reviews from those in attendance.  During the course of 04 the two departments worked many funeral details together demonstrating a unity and good working relationship between the two departments.  Towards the end of 04, HPD’s Honor Guard set forth several goals for 05.  Those being the creation of a rifle team, more exposure within the community by parades, city events, and sporting events, and possibly getting involved in team competitions.

HPD's Fallen Heroes

Officers Down:  A Memorial to the Sacrifice and Service of Alabama's Fallen Heroes.

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