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Huntsville Police Seek Training To Handle Illegal Aliens 

October 18, 2005 (Huntsville, Alabama) More effective investigations of criminal acts by illegal aliens, identify their use of fraudulent identification and enhance enforcement of federal immigration laws. That’s the goal of the Huntsville Police Department as it seeks training under the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement. In a letter dated September 20, 2005, Police Chief Rex Reynolds request the federal agency allow Huntsville Police Officers to become the first Alabama Police Department in the State to be trained under ICE. Currently, Alabama State Troopers have illegal immigration enforcement and training capabilities.

 Reynolds states that, “Huntsville has a population of 177,000 and approximately 345,000 in Madison County. Our illegal population continues to grow, and with that growth comes an increase in criminal acts committed by those that reside here illegally. Under ICE supervision, we can ensure the citizens of Huntsville and the surrounding area that our immigration laws will be enforced by those with proper training, ensure more effective enforcement of our immigration laws, and will enhance our immigration system locally.”

 Reynolds added that Huntsville Police were seeking the training months before a Huntsville Police Officer was slain in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant from Mexico.