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Huntsville Police Initiate Operation Safe Shop 

November 22, 2005 (Huntsville, Alabama) During the holidays, people are often busy, excited and sometimes careless. Thatís why Huntsville Police will kick-off its annual Operation Safe Shop.  Police Chief Rex Reynolds has instructed his Officers to actively patrol shopping centers in marked and unmarked units, along with bike patrols. These increased patrols will begin Friday, November 25th and last through Monday, December 26th. To make sure you have a safe and happy holiday season the Huntsville Police Department offers these safe suggestions.


1.      When shopping, try to shop before dark. Never park in dark lots, no matter how convenient they may be. Avoid shopping alone.

2.      Put packages in the trunk and make sure car windows are closed and doors are locked.

3.      Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Use checks or credit/debit cards when possible.

4.      Keep a firm grip on your purses and wallets. If you must carry a purse, place it under your arm; and keep wallets inside jacket pockets, not your back pants pockets. Be wary of someone who bumps into you. It may be an accident, or it could be someone trying to pick your pockets.

5.      Donít try to carry to many packages. That could attract purse-snatchers. Make frequent trips to your car.

6.      Walk with confidence. Approach your vehicle with keys in hand.

7.       If you see anything suspicious, leave immediately and contact security or police.

8.      Teach your children if they become lost in a store, go to a store clerk, not the parking lot.

9.      Use your ATM card in a safe and secure location. Use card with wisdom and beware of your surroundings.