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STAC Team Shuts Down Crack House 

November 30, 2005 (Huntsville, Alabama) A Monday night raid by Madison/Morgan County STAC Team, has led to a crack house being shut down. Commander Gerry Norris credits the drug bust to citizens complaints in the neighborhood at 1613 Calvary Street.  They complained of a number of people and vehicles leaving the home at various hours of the day and night. Norris said  STAC Agents conducted a week long street level investigation concerning people allegedly selling drugs. When agents executed a search warrant, they found large amounts of ecstasy, crack cocaine, marijuana and various other prescription drugs.


Agents arrested 60-year-old Elizabeth Scruggs, 39-year-old Bryant Terrell Scruggs and 20-year-old Domonic Terrell Hammonds; all lived at 1613 Calvary Street. All three people have been booked in the Madison County Metro Jail and charged with Possession of Controlled Substances. Norris added that citizens can report drug trafficking by contacting (256) 427-5456 or via internet at


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