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Eight Officers Take the Oath for Huntsville Police 

December 9, 2005 (Huntsville, Alabama) Mayor Loretta Spencer administered the oath of office to 8 new cadets as Huntsville Police Officers Friday morning. The officers just completed a 9-week lateral police academy because of their previous years experience in law enforcement. A combined total of over 35 years experience at other agencies.  Next week, they will begin 3 months of additional training with a Field Training Officer.

 The department is authorized to have a total of 393 Officers and Investigators, but we still have 29 vacancies to fill said Chief Rex Reynolds. We had a record 982 people apply for the next entry-level academy. The department’s standards and qualifications are among the highest in the Southeast, but now, so are the salaries. Thanks to the recent salary reclassification of the department, which was supported by Mayor Spencer, and approved by the City Council.

Reynolds said, “We’ve made recruitment and hiring a priority this year, due to a large number of Officers eligible for retirement. As our city continues to grow, so must our Department to maintain our level of service to the community.” He added, “Huntsville is a safe place to live and work, and it is our mission to keep it that way.”