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Crimestoppers Reaches Milestone in Recovered Property and Drugs 

Huntsville, Alabama (December 15, 2005) North Alabama law enforcement is celebrating a milestone this week. The Huntsville area Crimestoppers program has recovered over six-million-dollars in stolen property and drugs. Crimestoppers’ Coordinator Nathan Nickelson says we have the best recovery record of any city our size in the United States. He said, “Since 1984, law enforcement, news media and concerned citizens have made the Huntsville Area Crimestoppers so successful that the program has paid more than 172-thousand-dollars in reward money mainly for information leading to the arrest and conviction of criminals.” Crimestoppers has helped law enforcement to solve 4,196 cases, including homicides, kidnappings, robberies, rapes, sexual assaults and burglaries.


Number of Cases Solved Since 1984


Homicide/Attempted Murder             39

Rapes/Sexual Assaults                        18

Armed Robberies                                272

B&E to Auto                                      972

Auto Thefts                                         352

Felons Arrested                                   107

Arson Arrests                                      8

Forgery/Fraud                                     301

Fugitives From Justice                        388

Narcotics                                             352


Recovered Stolen Property                 $4,488,245.33

Recovered Property                            $5,500.00

Narcotics Recovered                           $1,512.664.94