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Eight People Charged in West Huntsville Drug Bust


Huntsville, Alabama (July 15, 2005) A West Huntsville drug house has been shut down and three adults and 5 juveniles have been arrested. Police Officers from the West Precinct along with Investigators from the STAC Unit raided an apartment at 3335 Dunn Street #102. The Police detail was responding to citizens’ complaints of suspected drug trafficking in the Spruce Street area, but particularly the complex on Dunn Street.


Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds said, “This enforcement initiative by our officers is another example of the community asking for assistance to take back their neighborhood.” Today was not the beginning he continued. “ The Police Department and Community Development met with Councilman Bill Kling and concerned citizens before the neighborhood initiative was planned. Enforcement for criminal violations and other city code violations will continue beyond today’s arrests,” added Reynolds. Cocaine, Marijuana and prescription drugs were confiscated in the arrests. As a result of Thursday’s actions, the property owner has initiated the process of evicting the occupants of the apartment. Other properties in West Huntsville and across the City have been identified by Police who will take action in the near future. Individuals involved in today’s arrests include;


  1. 24-year-old Kimyatta Gaines, charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Controlled Substance Crime. (a felony)
  2. 46-year-old Frederick Paul Williams, charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Controlled Substance Crime. (a felony)
  3. 34-year-old Isaac Lovelady, charged with Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Marijuana (both felonies)
  4. The five juveniles ages 14 – 16 were booked into the “D” Home on various charges of Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Loitering.