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Chief Reynolds Request Incident Review Board


Huntsville, Alabama (July 20, 2005) Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds has requested an Incident Review Board to look into last night’s shooting of a suspected drug dealer by narcotics Investigators. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Reynolds is following a long-standing tradition having the Board look at whether Investigators acted within policy when they used deadly force to stop 21-year-old Christopher Hundley when he allegedly attempted to run over the officers with his vehicle. Upon Hundley’s release from a local hospital, Investigators from the STAC Team expect to charge him with one count of Conspiracy to Commit a Controlled Substance Crime and 4 counts of Attempted Murder.


Johnson said the Major Crimes Unit along with the Internal Affairs Division would conduct their investigations and turn their findings over to the Incident Review Board. Representatives on the Board include Huntsville Police Supervisors and Officers, along with representatives from the Madison County District Attorney’s Office and the Huntsville City Attorney’s Office.