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Huntsville Police Reveal Most Dangerous Intersections  

Huntsville, Alabama (August 16, 2005) Motorists driving in Huntsville can expect to see more traffic enforcement from Huntsville Police near ten of the City’s most dangerous intersections. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said Jordan Lane at University and Jordan Lane at I-565 were two of the most dangerous intersections in 2004 where motorists were likely to have a serious traffic accident. That was followed by Memorial Parkway at Bob Wallace Avenue / Drake Avenue and Jordan Lane at Sparkman Drive. Johnson said most of the traffic crashes were contributed to motorists Failing to Yield the Right of Way or Running a Red Light.


As a result of the serious traffic problems at the intersections, Chief Rex Reynolds has instructed the Department to increase traffic enforcement with additional uniformed patrol units. Officers will concentrate their efforts at the intersections and immediate vicinity. There were a total of 8,205 vehicle crashes last year. Of that total thirty-two were fatalities, 1,069 resulted in serious injuries to individuals and 149 people suffered minor injuries.

Top 10 Crash Locations

1.     Jordan at University

2.     Jordan at I-565

3.     Mem Parkway at Bob Wallace / Drake Avenue

4.     Jordan Lane at Sparkman Drive

5.     Governors Drive at Mem Parkway

6.     Mem Parkway at Clinton Ave / Governors Drive

7.     Sparkman Drive at I-565

8.     Mem Parkway at Weatherly Road / Ben Giles

9.     Pulaski Pike at University Drive

10. University Drive at Old Monrovia / Research Park Blvd