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Law Enforcement Agencies Share Duties During Funeral


Huntsville, Alabama (September 1, 2005) Huntsville Police will share duties with several law enforcement agencies during the funeral of slain Huntsville Police Officer Daniel Golden. Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said local agencies will assist Huntsville Police Officers during the first and second shifts while other Huntsville Officers attend Golden’s funeral in Fayetteville, Tennessee. 

Johnson said units from HPD’s SWAT Team and K-9 Units will be joined with Uniformed Officers to handle normal police duties and any emergencies should they occur. The agencies assisting Huntsville are, the Athens P.D., the Madison P.D., the Decatur P.D., The Hillsboro P.D., UAH P.D., the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and the Alabama State Troopers.  

The Fayetteville Police Department, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee State Troopers will assist at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church during the burial at Officer Golden’s family cemetery. Police Chief Rex Reynolds has expressed his sincere appreciation for the community’s prayers and support. He said,  “ Daniel Golden is our fallen fellow Officer who was brutally slain in his attempt to protect and serve. His Huntsville Police family grieves and we are saddened with his loss. We say thank you to our extended law enforcement families who will allow us the time to honor our brother, our friend as we take him home to his final resting place with God.”