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Alleged Drug Dealer Taken Down By STAC


Huntsville, Alabama (September 7, 2005) Agents with the Madison – Morgan County STAC Team have arrested 41-year-old Steve Earl Langford and charged the alleged drug dealer with multiple counts of drug trafficking. After a two-year-long investigation into a major drug trafficking ring, Commander Gerry Norris said they served search warrants at two separate houses located at 210 Victory Lane and 203 Victory Lane. At the first location, Agents recovered one kilo of cocaine, marijuana, several other types of controlled substances and nearly $12-thousand-dollars in cash.


Inside the second residence, agents recovered 10 ounces of cocaine, a bulletproof vest and several hand guns. Langford was charged with Trafficking in Cocaine, several counts of Unlawful Distribution of Cocaine and two counts Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substances.  Norris said Langford was booked into the Madison County Metro Jail under a $360-thousand-dollars bond. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are pending. Meanwhile Norris said if citizens want to report drug dealing in their neighborhood, they should use the STAC Team’s new confidential website at