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West Precinct Prostitution

Sting Nets Eight


Huntsville, Alabama (May 2, 2005). Eight people have been arrested on a variety of drugs, loitering and prostitution charges over the weekend. Police Officers from the West Precinct continue their crackdown targeting women who allegedly sell sex for drugs.  Police spokesman Wendell Johnson said 6 women are unemployed therefore prostitution is their only means to support a drug habit. During the last round up, one woman was sentenced to 260 days in jail because of multiple convictions involving solicitation. Police have arrested a total of 28 women for prostitution in West Huntsville so far this year.


  1. Kimberly Wynette Ragland, 33-years-old, arrested at Hall and Cemetery for Soliciting Prostitution and Drug Paraphernalia.
  2. Tina Michelle Seyer, 34-years-old, arrested at 6th Ave and 1st street for Theft of Property.
  3. Felicia Ann Corn, 39-years-old, arrested at 2701 13th street for Soliciting Prostitution.
  4. Melissa Ann Davis, 32-years-old, arrested at 2708 6th Ave for Loitering.
  5. Antonio Davis, 42-years-old, arrested at 2708 6th Ave for Loitering
  6. Amy Charlene Brazelton, 42-years-old arrested at Summer Street SW and Governors Drive for Soliciting Prostitution.
  7. Talitha Danielle Baker, 30-years-old, arrested at 2213 Drake Avenue SW for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Soliciting Prostitution.
  8. Margaret Zeller Durham, 44-years-old, arrested at 2400 12th Street for Soliciting Prostitution.