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National Organization Donates

Drug Dog to HPD/STAC


Huntsville, Alabama (June 9, 2005) Tiger is a two-year-old Chocolate Labrador and is one of the finest K-9 youíll ever see. Commander Gerry Norris, with the Madison/Morgan STAC Team says Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime (DADDAC) donated Tiger to HPD. Itís a national organization of private citizens that support police canine across the country. The 501-c (3) non-profit group raises money to buy police dogs, training and equipment for departments that demonstrate the need. Commander Norris applied for a dog grant in December 2003. Based upon the grant and North Alabamaís need, DADDAC  gave the department approval to pick up Tiger.


According to Norris, Tiger is bred with a drive to work, has an excellent nose for drugs and great temperament for a police dog. Norris added, ďA dog of his caliber will be a great addition to the STAC team. Iím certain we will find hidden caches of drugs that we would have normally missed with other K-9ís.Ē