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Police Anticipate Increased DUI Arrests Starting October 10th

 Huntsville, Alabama (September 30, 2005) Motorists in the Rocket City will see more flashing lights, checkpoints and DUI arrests starting October 10th. An increase in DUI accidents and fatalities, along with a decrease in arrests, prompted Chief Rex Reynolds to make traffic safety and DUI enforcement one of the Department’s primary objectives.

 Leading that objective will be Sgt. Juan Joyner and seven veteran DUI Officers. They will work floating schedules and patrol the streets primarily during second and third shifts. Sgt. Joyner said, “Motorists will definitely see our increased presence during the weekends when most people drive under the influence. We will also be flexible to work special events and augment the first shift Traffic Services Unit.” Several years ago, the DUI Task Force led the State with nearly 2,500 DUI arrests. That was when the Unit handled only DUI’s. But when the Department went to Precincts, the DUI Task Force was diluted and it’s primary mission was to respond to service calls with other Uniform Patrols. The results --- a significant drop in DUI arrests and enforcement.

 2001 DUI arrests 920

2002 DUI arrests 399

2003 DUI arrests 697

2004 DUI arrests 780

2005 - present DUI arrests 578

 Reynolds initial plans were to implement a second Traffic Services Unit, but the plan could not be worked out in this year’s budget. However, the Department was granted approximately $100,000 in overtime primarily geared to traffic safety and enforcement. As a result of the new budget, Reynolds will eliminate one of 2 Sergeants from the School Resource Officers Unit. No other programs will be affected.