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815 Wheeler Ave.
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(256) 427-7012

Consistent with our established values, we believe integrity is the basis for community trust.  We strive to employ capable, hard-working people, and we are committed to high standards of agency and individual performance. By investigating complaints of misconduct against agency personnel, the Internal Affairs Division plays an important role in maintaining these standards.  

While the Huntsville Police Department encourages citizens to use the complaint process, the complaint must be filed in good faith. 
All formal complaints must be signed by the complainant. Internal Affairs may be contacted in several ways.

1. Visit the Internal Affairs Division at the
    Municipal Justice Safety Center, 815 Wheeler Avenue.

2. Telephone the Internal Affairs Division at (256) 427-7012 and request to talk with an Investigator,
    Monday thru Friday 8a.m.thru 4p.m.
3. Address written complaints to:
    Huntsville Police Department
    P.O. Box 2085
    Huntsville, AL  35804-2085
    Attn: Internal Affairs
4. Complaints may be filed after hours by:
    Contacting a field supervisor, who will then review the complaint.
    A field supervisor may be contacted by calling (256) 722-7100.
5. Email the Internal Affairs Division here.

Commending A Huntsville Police Employee

File a complaint on a Huntsville Police Employee

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